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Friday, July 30, 2010

Hello from Shanghai!

I've moved to China! I'll be writing my half of the food blog from Shanghai and near by cities for the next six months. I only was able to access Blogger today, and we (Bob and I) got here on Sunday.

We've already eaten a whole bunch of amazing real Chinese food. Every time we go out it's family style and massive quantities of food. I'm not complaining, I like food, but we're always "roll me out of the restaurant" full at the end. We've had dumplings, Chinese hot pot, Shanghainese, Chinese donuts with warm soy milk, and the list goes on.

Sadly because I typically use my phone for my camera I have not had a chance to get real pictures of our food, but I'm remedying this problem soon. I can't wait to show everyone all the yummy spicy food I'm enjoying.



1 comment:

  1. Bring on the pictures!!! I miss you and am so jealous you are getting to have a fantastic time in Shanghai. Tell me when you are going to Beijing and I'll give you some recs.