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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

San Francisco - Sapporo-Ya (Japan Town)


Today I was over in Japan Town with a hankering for ramen noodles. My experience in Japan Town is fairly limited because it's not really next to anything else, just lots of housing. Anyway, Bob and I headed into the strip mall that Japan Town is made of, and had lunch at Sapporo-Ya. I'd never been there before but Bob said the ramen was pretty good, and I wanted something spicy and noodlie.
We both ordered the Kimchi Ramen which had spinach, onion, bamboo shoots, kimchi, fried egg and pork in in a miso-esque broth. As I'm not much of a pork in my ramen kind of girl, I gave the pork to Bob. I did try the pork, it was okay, nothing too exciting about it. The kimchi on the other hand was wonderful! It was tangey and spicy with a little bit of crunch like it was added at just the last minute to the noodles. The bamboo shoots also had a bite, which I really like because no one wants limp bamboo shoots in their soup, well at least I don't.

The servings were the typical massive size to the point where I was only able to eat half of mine. Next time I'll know to bring a friend to share with. We also had green tea to go with the meal, which seemed to be typical green tea.

The place was pretty roomie, and there were plenty of other diners while we were there. The place does sushi too, but I'll have to try that another time. The staff were nice and quick to refill my water glass. Overall, I think I could go back, I'd love to try the gyoza. :)M

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