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Monday, February 7, 2011

The Food List (Shanghai)


Everyone once and a while I'll ask Bob why he doesn't pick where we eat, and he likes to always tell me I'm picky, which is not true, I just have preferences.  Sometimes I have a hankering for pizza, what can I say, I know what I want, but if I ask him he just waits for me to decide.  To help him figure out where we should eat in our last month in Shanghai I sent him the following email:


"Any of the following places are great places to take Margaret before you leave Shanghai:


-Natural Point (done)

-Nepali Kitchen (done)

-Gourmet Café (done)

-Pin Chuan


-House of Wine

-Mr. & Mrs. Bund

-Coco Curry (done)

-Din Tai Fung (The Taiwanese dumpling place by the ritz)

-Anywhere with the giant soup dumplings Michael told us about

-Yang’s Fried Dumplings

-Hai Di Lao

-Somewhere for DimSum brunch

-The Westin Champagne Brunch

-Di Shui Dong (Hunnan) (done)

-Boxing Cat (done)

-Somewhere over in the Sinan mansions area cause it’s fun

-Bella Napoli

-House of Roosevelt, one more time cause it’s swanky J

-The Chinese hamburger place

-Master Kong

-Bibim-bop place by work (done)


-Haiku or some other sushi place

On a side note, I just finished the tea you left at home.  It was great!  :)  Love you!!!!!"


He's left his tea at home that day and was sad about it, and I didn't want him to think it went to waste.  Anyway, we've been doing a pretty good job of hitting the places I've come to live here in Shanghai, but we still have a bunch to go.  And even though some of them say "done" that doesn't mean I won't eat there again.  Bob was surprised to see that my favorite pizza place was not on the list.  This was purposely done as I know he doesn't really enjoy our designated "pizza nights" so I'll order pizza for lunch while he's at work some time.

In other words, there wont be any real new posts for the rest of February as I'll be going to places I've already been, just to make sure I get one last awesome meal from each place as a reminder of how much I loved living in Shanghai.


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Natural Point Teppanyaki (All you can EAT!)


Bob and I discovered an awesome teppanyaki place in the old french concession in Shanghai that's pretty good.  We had walked past the place a couple of times on our way to Pub Quiz night, and we were so happy that we finally tried it.  For 160RMB (less than $25USD) you can have all you can eat teppanyaki, and they have a variety of sashimi platters as well.  Every single thing on the menu is available as part of the all you can eat special, including drinks.  As far as I'm concerned this is the best place for a good meal for a really reasonable price.

We typically like to order the sashimi platter as a stater with; salmon, tuna, some kind of white fish and octopus.  The wasabi that comes with the sashimi is a little tame, not nearly as spicy as I'd like but the quality of sashimi is pretty good.  We then order about a million pounds of meat.  They have an amazing steak fillet covered in butter and garlic that we always order.  It's lean, and cooked just right and melts in your mouth.  There's also: salmon steak, scallops, garlic fried rice, beef wrapped asparagus, and a variety of vegetables.  And then we always finish off the meal with fried bananas and ice cream!


This last time we went the guy in charge of cooking the food was being lame and complaining (in chinese).  Apparently he was annoyed that he had to actually do his job.  Anyway, it turned out we were sitting at a table with 4 Dutch Hotel Students.  As in, they're studying hoteling and other fun things like that.  One of the guys at the table got up and fried our bananas, it was pretty awesome.  The wait staff was waving their arms and going "noooo" but the guy did a great job.  I'll be uploading the video on facebook, so look for the video.

If you have the chance you should definitely check out Natural Point.  It's in the old french concession near Dongping Lu and Wulumuqui Lu down the street from the BullDog Pub.  They've gotten pretty popular so reservations are recommended, and if you have more than six people you should request a private room because the service is excellent if you have a private room.

Run, go, be swift, go to Natural Point!