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Sunday, January 26, 2014

The "Bea Arthur" Robicellis Cupcake

So, the awesome Robicelli's cupcake book, part of my personal challenge, has a whole section dedicated to the "Golden Girls" and this last week I made the "Bea Arthur."  It's a chocolate espresso cupcake with cream cheese butter cream frosting and an espresso chocolate ganache.  So, I of course, as usual, took liberties with this recipe.  I made everything as directed except the topping.  I ended up throwing some chocolate covered espresso beans in the food processor and sprinkling it on the cupcakes.  I also wanted an extra coffee flavor so I upped the instant espresso in the cupcakes to about a tablespoon.

I took the cupcakes to class and they were a total success.  Everyone agreed that the cupcakes were perfect because they weren't too sweet, just the right amount.  This is one of the easier recipes in the cook book.  This next week I'll be making two different recipes, one for class and one for a party so stay tuned!

For those of you counting...that's the 10th recipe!

The Bea Arthur, super delish!


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