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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Week 2 of SFCooking School!

Good news, week two is over and I still have all my fingers!  (I also managed not to burn my face off.)

Week two saw my classmates and me delirious and forgetful.  We've been cooking so much we can barely remember what we're cooking.  We made vegetarian onion soup (made with vegetable stock, in place of chicken stock) on Monday, and when we completed it on Wednesday no one could remember when we'd made it - thank goodness we label everything.

On Tuesday Galen Garretson who owns TownCutler came to class for a knife sharpening demo.  We learned about wet stones and how to properly sharpen our knives so we can take better care of them.  A sharp knife is a good knife!  I ended up buying a stone so I can sharpen all my knives at home and take care of my knife kit for school.

 My awesome new sharpening and polishing stones from TownCutler.

My class also got an awesome surprise on Thursday.  There's a friendly little competition going on with our class, the part-time culinary class, and the pastry class.  The instructors are calling it the Curiosity Crawl.  It's a list of restaurants in the Bay Area with specific dishes to try, as well as a list of places to visit, and a little recipe scavenger hunt.  So if you see pictures on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram tagged #CuriosityCrawl you'll know I'm taking names and kicking ass!  Check out the list:

LocandaFried Artichoke
Zuni CafeBloody Mary
Saigon SandwichBahn Mi
Roli RotiPorchetta Sandwich
Mission BowlBurger
Spices IIFried Fish in Chile Pepper
Old Mandarin IslamicOnion Pancake
MarloweBrussel sprout chips
La CicciaOctopus Stew
b. patisserieKougin Amann
Craftsman & WolvesRebel Within
Z & YChicken w/ Explosive Chili Pepper
Bi-RiteIce cream
Turtle TowerPho
4505 MeatsBurger
PlowBreakfast Potatoes
TacoliciousTuna Tostadas
Golden BoyPizza slice
Swan Oyster DepotOysters
Fatted CalfCharcuterie
Insalata'sFattoush Salad
Liguria BakeryFocaccia
Shanghai Dumpling KingLion's Head
Acme at the Ferry BuildingBaguette
Four Barrel CoffeeLaminated pastry
20th Century CafeHoney Cake
MandalayTea Salad
Bake Sale Betty'sFried Chicken Sandwich

We finished up the week with a plated and coursed meal.  Everyone in the class made braised artichokes, sautéd chicken with a velouté sauce served with glazed carrots and chateau potatoes, and we ended with a blood orange, date, and pistachios in an orange flower, and honey syrup.  My team was also tasked with putting together a veal stock.  It was a hectic but fun end to the week.

I've cut so many carrots, and my hands are so dry from constantly washing them that the carrot juice has soaked into my hands.  I constantly look like my hands are filthy and my nail beds are atrocious.  Oh well, I wasn't going to be a hand model anyway.


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