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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Week 9 at San Francisco Cooking School

I still have all my fingers and haven't burnt myself, at least not in class, so I'm calling week 9 a win. 

Taylor Boetticher, the owner of Fatted Calf, came to class to teach us a bit more about charcuterie.  It was a great afternoon of meat grinding, brining, and dry rubbing.  I worked on getting the pancetta in a dry brine and letting it sit.  We'll get to eat that delicious pancetta in about 3 weeks.  I also helped stuff and wrap basque coils.  (Sausages rolled in a little pinwheel.) 

Basque Coil making!

We also had a visit from Amanda Haas, who runs the test kitchen for Williams-Sonoma.  She's helped write multiple cook books, and runs her own blog called One Family, One Meal.  She spoke to our class about other options outside of working in a restaurant after culinary school.  Much to most of my class's disappointment it's pretty hard to get a job in a test kitchen.   

There were quite a few menu class days this week.  A menu class is where we have to get all the parts together for a three course meal and plate everything by a certain time.  I kinda like these days because you can see what's coming, and everything knows what to do for the most part.

This next week we have another practical and written exam, but we'll be starting the week off with a visit from Matthew Dolan from Twenty Five Lusk.  Keep your eyes peeled for awesomeness.


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