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Friday, March 28, 2014

Week 10 at San Francisco Cooking School

Week 10 brought about our midterms.  Good news, everyone passed, whew.  We were also lucky enough to get the next day off of school, which was a really nice break.  I managed to walk away from our practical exam with only a small burn on my right hand.  I grabbed a pot off the stove with my towel and as I was walking back to my work station my towel slipped enough that my palm was touching the hot handle.  In my mind I was thinking, "f@#k, f@#k, f@#k," as I made my way to my area - it wasn't like I could just drop the pot.

Matthew Dolan, of 25 Lusk, visited our class on Monday to teach us about Russian caviar service, blinis, oysters and sabering champagne.   I was one of the lucky people who actually got to saber champagne AND there's video.  Scroll down to be amazed!

 Russian Caviar Service - sadly I had already eaten my buckwheat blini.

Found the cork!

This was also the week of RICE!  That's right, get excited, there were all kinds of rice.  We started off with Risotto and worked our way into: regular white rice of varying grains, brown rice, sticky rice, red rice, bamboo rice, basmati, and forbidden rice (black rice).  We cooked a bunch of different rice and then we had an awesome time creating our own bread puddings and rice fritters!  One of the teams was super creative and made a tarragon and ouzo rice pudding.


 Various Puddings!

And then, as if the week couldn't get more exciting, we also introduced GRAINS! Bulgur, quinoa, millet, kasha, barley, and farro.  I gotta say, I love farro because it's got a nice texture and combines really well with other flavors. 


Due to so much extra rice being cooked we got to experiment a bit more with re-purposing rice and each team in the class, there are typically 6 teams, got to create a new dish.  My partner, Jules, was a damn genius, and we made brown rice fritters with green onion, peas and curry powder.  Our fritters were soooo delicious.  Another team, Mandy and Sam, made kimchi fried rice which was also phenomenal.  Sadly no pictures were taken of the delicious fritters.

Overall week 10 was a little high stress but ended on a creative high note!


(Thanks to Harriet and Mandy for all the lovely pictures featured in this post.)


  1. Delightful! Katy and enjoyed watching the video several times.