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Friday, December 20, 2013

Cupcakes! Gingerbread and Fruitcake

I baked 185 cupcakes yesterday. 161 mini cupcakes and 24 regular sized. It was madness in my kitchen and at the end of the day it looked like my home had been invaded and only the kitchen had been ransacked. Craziness.

I made cupcakes for two different office parties and they were a huge success at both. I made:
Fruitcake Cupcakes- dried apricots and cherries soaked in booze (brandy and rum) in a molasses and ginger cupcake with walnuts. Topped with Rum buttercream salted caramel and more dried cherries.

I also made:
Gingerbread cupcakes- gingerbread cupcakes with a vanilla custard filling, topped with vanilla buttercream, crumbled gingersnaps and short bread cookies and finished with a white chocolate sauce.

Everything was amazing and I've now knocked off two more recipes from the Robicelli cupcake cook book.


(I wrote this on my phone, please forgive any typing and layout errors.)


  1. ohmygod the delirium! I knew I was going to experience at least a little vicarious delight with your cupcake journey, but I had no idea what a treat I was really in for. Seriously, you're killing me with these. I don't know which affects me more...the mere fantasy of tasting these gems or trying to wrap my head around your doing whatever it is you have to do to create such fabulousness. I am usually not this effusive, nor do I ever say "fabulous," but real words escape me right now. Right On.

  2. Thanks so much Penny! This really is the best cookbook I've ever had, and I'm confident that anyone could follow the recipes and have them turn out deliciously. So far everything I've tried has been great. :) (It took about 5 hours of total work to bake and assemble these two flavors of cupcakes.)