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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Foodily - My New Favorite Food Site

I stumbled upon a food site the other day, which I'd never heard of but turned out to be a great resource.  Foodily!  It's kind of like a giant library of various cooking blogs and home cooks who share recipes.  What's really great about it is that I can find everything I want in one place, and all the food bloggers I followed were already on the site.  I can choose to follow the bloggers I like and get updates about new recipes they post, or I can just search the whole system based on almost any key word.  There are so many options that I truly believe I could find a recipe for anything I'd like to try making.

The site has also done a really great job of directing people back to the Blogger's actual sites.  You can search for recipes and view a list of ingredients for the dish you want to make, but in order to get the instructions you follow a link back to the source of the recipe.  It's really smart, at least I think it's really smart.

And like any good site today you can connect your Facebook account so that if you have friends on the site you can see what they've made and recommend.  I find this feature to be really helpful because if a friend of mine has liked or even disliked a recipe I have a better chance of knowing if I'll like the recipe.

I gave Foodily a shot last night and had a small dinner party.  Everything I made was from recipes found on the site.  We had:

 Pork Belly Roast - From The British Larder

Sichuan Green Beans - From Sunset

Tomato and Watermelon Salad with Feta - From Steamy Kitchen

Everything was so good that I unfortunately forgot to take pictures - these pictures are directly from the recipe pages.

And last but not least, another reason I really like Foodily is because I can save the recipes to various lists that I've made myself.  If I want to make a new side dish I can look in my "side dish" list, or if I want to be fancy I can look at my "entertaining" list.  Recipes can be saved to multiple lists and it's really easy to use.  Foodily also has an app, which works very well - at least on my iphone - which means if I have to pop into the store I can easily pull up a recipe I was interested in and get my ingredient list.

If you want to connect to me on Foodily, or check out the stuff I'm making here's my profile, and if we're friends on Facebook it's even easier to find me.

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