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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Week 13 at San Francisco Cooking School

I still have all my fingers!

The end of week 12 (yes this is the week 13 post) saw us making pastry doughs.  The last dough we made was puff pastry dough, or "Pâte Feuilletée."  This is the fancy pastry dough that is used to make croissants and other delicious breakfast pastries.  The pastry is rolled and folded, or "turned," so many times that there are 729 layers to it.  If you're interested in trying to make your own puff pastry I've found this excellent site with pictures and great descriptions on hot to put it all together.  The point is, we rolled out our puff pastry dough at the end of week 12, but didn't get to do anything with it until this week.

We made Napoleons, Jalousie, and Pear Feuilletées and they were all superbly delicious.

Pear Feuilletée!

Juliana Uruburu, from The Pasta Shop, came in for a cheese tasting!  Man oh man do I love to eat cheese.  We talked about how different animals milk can effect the taste of the cheese, as well as the animal's diet, the season, and where the animal lives.

 Cheese Tasting Deliciousness!

We were super lucky to have Chef Nicole Plue of the SFCS, teach us about chocolate tempering, and give us a chocolate tasting.  We tasted over 15 different kinds of chocolate.  At the end of the lesson we tempered our own chocolate and made little chocolate drops that we flavored with various items from all over the kitchen.  I think the best chocolates were topped with salt.

Sharon Ardiana, of Ragazza, came in for a special pizza making class.  I aboslutely love Ragazza so this was an exceptionally fun time.  We made really thin pizza and learned how to properly put it in the burn-you-face-off-hot oven.  I still have some pizza dough in my fridge waiting to be used up for a delicious dinner.  Sharon was definitely one of the best guest instructors we've had in class.  She very obviously loves what she does and she was an engaging speaker.  I think she's my chef crush.

I think I ate a pizza and a half all by myself, sooooo good!

We finished up the week with a field trip to Oakhill Farm.  We had a nice leisurely guided tour of the farm and everything that's grown.  We tasted some wild plants, as well as some purposely planted plants.  Chive flowers are delicious, and really cute, I'm going to have to look into growing them in my backyard. 

Chive Flowers

Freshly picked carrots! We dusted them off and ate them.

And then, as if we hadn't had enough food we had a little potluck that Saturday night!  Needless to say, it was all delicious!  Jen was awesome enough to host the party and we all had a wonderful time.

Party Time!

Stay tuned, we're nearing the end!


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