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Monday, January 28, 2013

Raclette awesomeness!

Raclette Plate

So a while back I bought Bob a raclette set for his birthday.  (Yes, his birthday is in July.)  Anyway, we hadn't used the raclette and it was sitting in the corner of the office looking sad and neglected so we decided to finally use it.  Had I known how awesome the raclette set was it would never had sat abandoned for so long.  

I had purchased the Swissmar KF-77041 Gourmet 8-Person Raclette Grill because I figured if we were going to have a raclette set, we were going to be having raclette parties. And we will definitely be using this for parties.

We decided to start our raclette adventure with a typical dinner for just the two of us. We purchased some French raclette cheese from 24th Street Cheese in Noe Valley. To go with our cheesy awesomeness we picked up some gherkins (little pickles, but let's be honest, saying gherkin is so much more fun) pickled carrots, salami, fingerling potatoes, portabellinis (little portabello mushrooms, they're soooo cute), zucchini, broccoli and some olive sourdough bread.

We boiled the fingerling potatoes in some salty water while the raclette grill heated up. We also sliced up mushrooms, salami, and zucchini so we could easily grill our yummy food. And then, we feasted like kings! While our zucchini and mushrooms were grilling, we placed small pieces of our cheese in the little shovels that go with the raclette set, so it could get all melty and delicious. AFter our cheese had melted we could easily pour it all over whatever it was we wanted to eat. It was fantastic! And because you melt the cheese as you go it was always gooey and hot.

Raclette Set Table

I was so impressed with our raclette grill that the next morning I used it again to make breakfast sandwiches. I cooked some bacon on it first. After the bacon was done and set aside, I fried a couple of eggs, grilled the bread, and melted the cheese in the little shovels. I was able to quickly build us bacon, egg and cheese breakfast sandwiches. I felt like a genius.

My favorite thing about the raclette set is that the grilling top has two options: a flate griddle, or a grill top. AND I can easily remove the grill top and clean it in the sink with out having to worry about a chord or plug. The heating element is totally separate making clean up super easy!

I can't wait to use the raclette set again!



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