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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Surf - In New Hampshire

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Bobicito and I are currently visiting New Hampshire to celebrate a new baby and a wedding.  We thought the best thing to do while here would be to eat some darn good seafood, and we have.  We checked out a new restaurant in Portsmouth called "Surf,"  it was delish!  We ordered way too much food, but loved almost all of it.

We started with the Parmesan-Fried Calamari - Tossed with parmesan cheese and cherry pepper vinaigrette.  We ate every last bite and it was so cheesy and good, it melted in our mouths.  I could have eaten an order all by myself and been perfectly happy.

Because we wanted to try a whole bunch of stuff we also ordered the on special tuna tartar, spicy ceviche, and raw lobster.  We were disappointed with the tuna tartar and spicy ceviche.  The tuna tartar had a weird olive tapanade and boiled egg, the olive tapanade was really overwhelming on the taste.  The spicy ceviche was the worst ceviche we've ever had.  It was like the restaurant took some mango pico di galio and then threw in some scallops with lemon juice.  It just didn't go together, and tasted really weird.    The lobster was of course delicious.

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Bob had the Surf and Turf - Two grilled tenderloin medallions on chive mashed potatoes, topped with
two Jonah crab cakes, bearnaise sauce, and grilled asparagus.  The tenderloin medallions were cooked to absolute perfection, so good!  The crab cakes were not the best, but okay.   I think the crab cakes would have been better with a little more seasoning.

I had the Lobster Kristina - Steamed & shucked native lobster flambéed with cognac, lobster stock, chives, cream and butter, served with jasmine rice & grilled asparagus.  That lobster was absolutely delicious, we ate every last bit of it.

The price was actually pretty reasonable considering the amount of food we ate.  I'd recommend the calamari and the two different entrees we had, absolutely delicious.  The raw bar seemed to be hit and miss.


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