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Monday, October 11, 2010

Element Fresh and Boxing Cat Brewery


Boxing Cat Brewery (and a foot massage) -

IMG_0621.jpgSo on Saturday night (October 9th) Bob took me to the Boxing Cat Brewery for dinner, and omg it was delicious!  (  It's a micro brewery in the French Concession serving typical pub food, the only difference is that it's delicious!  Delicious to the point of mouth watering goodness.  We ordered a 4 appetizers to share: the baked mac and cheese, chili cheese fries, pulled pork quesadilla, and pulled pork sliders.  The pulled pork quesadilla was my favorite, the pork was so juicy and tender and had a real kick to it.  We could have been eating at a great place in the states.  The mac and cheese was pretty good but needed a little something more to complete the taste, we were thinking jalapenos would have finished it off nicely.  The pulled pork sliders were also really good, but I preferred the pulled pork on the quesadilla, still good though.  The chili cheese fries were okay, the chili itself was good but the fries were kind of blah.  I will definitely be back for the pulled pork quesadilla.


The beers they brew were only so-so and they didn't have the two kinds on tap that we wanted to try.  But it's not like we went there for exceptional beer, we went for awesome food, and got it!  AND  we found out they do brunch!  I can't wait to try their breakfast burrito.  Yummmy!

After dinner Bob and I wandered around the neighborhood and found a little strip with a bunch of bars with patio seating.  We played liars dice for a while, and I was terrible at it so I was the one who ended up drinking more.  After cutting myself off we finished the night by going to our favorite massage place.  We were getting foot massages when the woman rubbing Bob's feet told us we were fat!  It's true, we're not skinny, but really.  And then she told us that I was fatter than the last time she had seen us, I was horrified.  She followed it up by telling me I was adorable, so I'm apparently fat and adorable.  I vowed never to eat again.....until.....


Element Fresh -


I woke up the next morning and wanted pancakes.  I had wanted pancakes the morning before but we ended up eating stir fry at home that Bob made.  That's right, Bob made us lunch and it was very good, he did an amazing job.  It was beef strips, broccoli, mushrooms, onions, tomato and garlic in a chili sauce.  I told him he can cook whenever he'd like :)


Anyway, we went to Element Fresh for pancakes because I'd read in one of the local magainzes that Element Fresh had the best pancakes.  After getting to the restaurant though and looking at the menu, neither of us had pancakes.  Bob had steak and eggs and I had peanut butter and banana french toast which was pretty good.  The place over all was only so-so, I don't think we'll go back for breakfast, maybe for lunch, but not for breakfast.

We spent the rest of the day shopping for snacks and things to stock up on while Jay and Staci are in town.  (For more info on this read the MargaretOnTheGo blog)



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